Business Boot Camp - All Access by Jacki Hart
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Business Boot Camp - All Access

All-Access Pass:  Includes Live Boot Camp Series PLUS recording and PDF.

If you could gain confidence and clarity on covid-proofing your business by attending a one-hour webinar each morning for one week, would you?

As landscape professionals, we’re skilled at adapting to changing weather and seasons. Being adaptable is how we do what we do. However, this pandemic is creating a season like no other. It requires that we gain new perspective and develop nimble planning habits that allow us to effectively and appropriately respond, managing our people and risk, within a challenging set of circumstances that seem to change every day.

This means you must quickly develop a strategy that will equip you to emerge from this situation, remaining viable as a company, as an employer, with a committed and healthy team, with a solid client base, with a recognized and desired brand, and with the cash flow to get you there.

To help you accomplish this, we've set up a fast-track Business Boot Camp. An online business classroom to get you unstuck and charging ahead with a strong mind-set and approach to managing differently - with confidence.
Enrollment is closed